Is it Me?

“Is it me?  Am I the reason their lives are trouble filled?
I gave my all, my everything, to strength within them build.
Did I fail them somehow?  In my weakness, let them down?
Had they been sent to someone else, would their happiness be found?”

The wrinkled, pleading, tear-streaked face, bowed in anguished cry
Asks for understanding, needing to know why.
From childhood, they were tutored, taught and shown the way.
Then why so many of them now have turned and gone astray?

The answer, long in coming, finally understood.
“I sent them to you, Loved One, because I knew you could.
You’d be the one to hang on, to keep them near me.
You’d never give up on them so someday they could see.”

“It may not be in this life, maybe long into the next
But my promise to you and to them at the ending of this test
Is that you and I will someday, with joy o’er flowing, stand
And welcome them back to the fold.  They’ll someday understand.”

“You ask if they are troubled ‘cause they were sent to you.
No, no, dear, they were troubled.  That’s why they came to you.”